NextBet Basketball

Basketball is one of the most popular sports across the world. There’s no doubt that it is one of the most sports people are putting their bets on. Here at NextBet, we make sure that we give our players tips, odds and everything they need to know about online basketball betting!
On this page, we will give few tips before you place your online basketball bets.

Home Court Advantage

Even though most bettors will typically give the home team three or four points when trying to predict the outcome, the home court basketball may be worth more than that. Make sure to keep in mind the home court advantage.

Home and Away Performances

Even though you should keep in mind the home court advantage, make sure that you also keep in mind how does one team performs whenever they have the home court advantage or they are playing away from their home court. Some teams are also good whenever they are playing on their opponent’s court.

Look For Overvalued and Undervalued Teams

There are simply some teams that are going to be overvalued each season and others that will fly under the radar. Keep your eyes on them.

There is no magic formula or shortcut when it comes to basketball betting, but having the said tips on your mind would be a lot of help. Start placing your bets now at NextBet!


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